Talent concept

Talent concept

Talent is capital and the source of strength for enterprise development. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "elite management, cost control, continuous improvement, and achievement sharing", strives to create excellent working and living conditions for each employee, provides a broader career development platform, customizes career development plans, maximizes the potential of each employee, pays attention to their growth and progress, and achieves the goal of common development for the enterprise and employees.
  • CNC plasma cutting and cutting


    1. Proficient in using CAD drawings, Excel, PDF, etc., with basic computer knowledge;

    2. Understand commonly used steel and materials for steel structures;

    3. Able to understand basic steel structure drawings and have strong ability to read drawings;

    4. Proficient in using SigmaNEST and FastCam nesting software; (Our company will conduct SigmaNEST training)

    5. Operate according to equipment operating procedures and be able to promptly report relevant situations;

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Draw cutting parts according to the provided drawings as required, adjust and calculate the cutting dimensions of the parts;

    2. Daily workshop production plasma CNC cutting and nesting layout (SigmaNEST); (Our company will conduct SigmaNEST training)

    3. Count and archive the specifications, quantities, and data of the cutting parts, and control the consumption of consumables and plates;

    4. Adjust software parameters in a timely manner according to the actual cutting situation, and contact relevant personnel for handling in case of technical problems or abnormalities in related equipment and software.

    5. Work diligently and carefully, with a sense of initiative and responsibility.

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